An independent fillm for the family? well that’s what Dolphin Island is all about. A little preview to give you a taste of it, full review will come soon… Stay tuned !

What started as a mission to help victims of hurricane Dorian, ended up with an award-winning family movie.

DOLPHIN ISLAND was shot in the Grand Bahama island between hurricane Dorian and COVID. The team’s goal was to stimulate their devastated economy and highlight their beautiful sites and culture.

A portion of the profits goes to the local cast and crew in The Bahamas which is greatly appreciated! 

Entertainment Squad all rights reserved.

14-year-old Annabel lives with her fisherman grandfather on an island paradise. She is surrounded by an extended family of loving but quirky neighbors and her best friend – a dolphin named Mitzy.

Directed by Mike Disa (SPACE DOGS, HOODWINKED TOO!)

Starring Peter Woodward (THE PATRIOT), Dionne Lea (NO BAD DAYS), Tyler Jade Nixon (DOLPHIN KICK), Bob Bledsoe (Parks & Recreation), David Raizor (YOU CAN’T TAKE MY DAUGHTER), and introducing Annette Duncan and Aaron Borrow.