An adult animated sitcom series created by Jason James and David Salt.


The Closet Monsters is a collaboration between Jason & David. Two guys in the late summer of life, who grew up a stone’s throw apart, south of the river in Nottingham. Heavily influenced by the cartoons, TV & comedy of the 80’s & 90’s, the idea for The Closet Monsters came about by Jason’s love of animation & David’s twist on characters and together we built a world that they could inhabit. With several characters already in place, it is a concept that can grow & become multidimensional; we hope that you’ll come with us on this amazing journey.

The first cartoon we released was on March 31st, 2020, and was inspired by the coronavirus. It was during the lockdown in the UK, that they started to create a body of work mainly inspired by the global pandemic – the invisible monster that was causing such havoc. 

Since they have come a long way The Closet MONSTERS is a single panel, sometimes multiple panels cartoon running on Instagram .

And now they have set up this Kickstarter campaign to create a 7-minute animated pilot, to be released on Youtube, Halloween 2021.  The pilot is based on their cartoons and will feature characters like Luke Closer, Clint G Tickler, Phil Sadd, Wendy Day, and many more that have not yet appeared in the Instagram cartoons.

Their style is unique, but will have some parallels with other shows out there such as Rick and Morty, South Park and The Simpsons.  So if you like these shows, you’ll love The Closet Monsters.

With this being a pilot episode, it will be an introduction to The Closet Monsters world and the characters who inhabit it.  


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