1 / Hello Bruno, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello Damien, Self-taught painter, I was born in Marseille 52 years ago. I grew up in the “Estaque” district.
Passionate about painting at a very young age, I abandoned this activity during twenty years when I returned to working life, after my studies.

At the dawn of my forties in 2008, I reconnected with my passion, the desire was there, I discovered the technique of oil painting with a knife and since then I have lived this experience like a dream.

2 / where does this passion for painting come from?

It goes back to childhood. Very young I became interested in drawing, comics, painting and cinema. As a teenager I dreamed of seeing myself to become a film director.

I was drawing storyboards…
I was doing comics with heroes with super powers…
I was drawing all the time…

I did some paintings but the click for painting with a knife as I told you earlier I got it in my forties
was I made up for the time I lost.

Copyright Bruno Haroutiounian used with permission.

3 / You have your own style, recognizable at first glance. How would you describe it in your own words?

I don’t know if we can talk about clean style. I think there is nothing to be invented when it comes to painting and I do not have that claim.

What I can say is that there may be a signature, a special touch. I experimented with things, I played with random shapes, the mixture of colors… I look for effects using only my knife. Sometimes I have nice surprises.

My painting is colorful, instinctive and dynamic

4 / You do an impressive number of exhibitions and meetings. Close to people who admire your art, you engage with ease with your “fans”. Why is this important to you?

I found a lot of benevolence on this “artistic path”, it is normal that I adopt the same attitude towards the people who follow me.

I am surprised each time by the reactions that my posts elicit. It is the least of things to respond to people who encourage you sometimes, compliment you and confide on very personal things.
I try to do it the best I can even if sometimes I run out of time.

5 / Do you think that the era of digital and social networks has changed the game for contemporary artists?

Yes it is indisputable. Social networks have changed the situation. It is certain that if I take my example, the development of my page and my website has enabled me to reach a lot of people and has greatly contributed to the diffusion of my painting. But nothing like meeting and sharing moments with the people I meet during exhibitions. Often, in my case, those are people who got to know me through the page.

Digital and social networks are a complement and a great tool for diffusion and sharing.

6 / your canvases are physical, what do you think about digital painting?

A full-fledged art or shading artists are using palettes, brushes and paint. I think there is room for everyone. I must admit that I do not know well this discipline. I’m sure there are some very beautiful things
I don’t usually say that it’s right or wrong. For me it’s different that’s all.

Copyright Bruno Haroutiounian used with permission.

7 / who is your favorite artist and why?

The biggest for me is Turner. A complex character, a visionary artist, a researcher.
It is almost a fire of painting in his canvases. It’s a painting that touches me
In some of these paintings there is the beginnings of impressionism.

8 / what motivates you the most in your career?

We can’t really talk about a career but rather a passion. You don’t need motivation for a passion, what motivates me is the pleasure of painting

What I am looking for is the beautiful in the ethological sense of the term, not in the aesthetic sense, that is to say what touches the soul what brings emotion.

9 / where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I don’t make plans. I take small steps and each time I take a new step I tell myself that it is already a good thing. In 10 years I hope to still have the same desire to go further.

Copyright Bruno Haroutiounian used with permission.

I want to thank Bruno for his time, you can contact or visit him at:

Official website: http://brunoharoutiounian.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bruno.haroutiounian.peintre

An independent fillm for the family? well that’s what Dolphin Island is all about. A little preview to give you a taste of it, full review will come soon… Stay tuned !

What started as a mission to help victims of hurricane Dorian, ended up with an award-winning family movie.

DOLPHIN ISLAND was shot in the Grand Bahama island between hurricane Dorian and COVID. The team’s goal was to stimulate their devastated economy and highlight their beautiful sites and culture.

A portion of the profits goes to the local cast and crew in The Bahamas which is greatly appreciated! 

Entertainment Squad all rights reserved.

14-year-old Annabel lives with her fisherman grandfather on an island paradise. She is surrounded by an extended family of loving but quirky neighbors and her best friend – a dolphin named Mitzy.

Directed by Mike Disa (SPACE DOGS, HOODWINKED TOO!)

Starring Peter Woodward (THE PATRIOT), Dionne Lea (NO BAD DAYS), Tyler Jade Nixon (DOLPHIN KICK), Bob Bledsoe (Parks & Recreation), David Raizor (YOU CAN’T TAKE MY DAUGHTER), and introducing Annette Duncan and Aaron Borrow.

An adult animated sitcom series created by Jason James and David Salt.


The Closet Monsters is a collaboration between Jason & David. Two guys in the late summer of life, who grew up a stone’s throw apart, south of the river in Nottingham. Heavily influenced by the cartoons, TV & comedy of the 80’s & 90’s, the idea for The Closet Monsters came about by Jason’s love of animation & David’s twist on characters and together we built a world that they could inhabit. With several characters already in place, it is a concept that can grow & become multidimensional; we hope that you’ll come with us on this amazing journey.

The first cartoon we released was on March 31st, 2020, and was inspired by the coronavirus. It was during the lockdown in the UK, that they started to create a body of work mainly inspired by the global pandemic – the invisible monster that was causing such havoc. 

Since they have come a long way The Closet MONSTERS is a single panel, sometimes multiple panels cartoon running on Instagram .

And now they have set up this Kickstarter campaign to create a 7-minute animated pilot, to be released on Youtube, Halloween 2021.  The pilot is based on their cartoons and will feature characters like Luke Closer, Clint G Tickler, Phil Sadd, Wendy Day, and many more that have not yet appeared in the Instagram cartoons.

Their style is unique, but will have some parallels with other shows out there such as Rick and Morty, South Park and The Simpsons.  So if you like these shows, you’ll love The Closet Monsters.

With this being a pilot episode, it will be an introduction to The Closet Monsters world and the characters who inhabit it.  


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