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Established in June of 2010, The previous version of the blog got lost, all data wiped out.

This is a come back that I hope will get to shed lights on more independent artists…

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Latest Posts

Interview with Bruno Haroutiounian, Painting Artist.

1 / Hello Bruno, can you introduce yourself in a few words? Hello Damien, Self-taught painter, I was born in Marseille 52 years ago. I grew up in the “Estaque” district.Passionate about painting at a very young age, I abandoned this activity during twenty years when I returned to working life, after my studies. At […]


An independent fillm for the family? well that’s what Dolphin Island is all about. A little preview to give you a taste of it, full review will come soon… Stay tuned ! What started as a mission to help victims of hurricane Dorian, ended up with an award-winning family movie. DOLPHIN ISLAND was shot in the […]

The Closet Monsters: Animated Pilot Episode

An adult animated sitcom series created by Jason James and David Salt. INTRODUCTION. The Closet Monsters is a collaboration between Jason & David. Two guys in the late summer of life, who grew up a stone’s throw apart, south of the river in Nottingham. Heavily influenced by the cartoons, TV & comedy of the 80’s […]

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