A short film by Andretti Dante

Andretti Dante is back, and this time with a short film. The trailer is coming in a week and you will be one of 1st to get a link to it as soon as it hits the web. So stay tuned!

For the time being here is the synopsis to give you an idea of what the film is about:


Tragedy besets a small town as a son loses his mother. Struck with grief and anger Adam Payson begins to drift into a dark and dangerous place, isolating himself from the one who loves him most, his girlfriend Madison.

After many failed attempts, Madison reaches out to Adam’s best friend Brandon for help. With a bit of convincing, the darkness begins to fade and the wheels begin to roll, opening up to a journey filled with unexpected encounters both thrilling and downright quirky.

Each stop is stranger than the next, adding a new passenger to the group until there are five. Their final destination is close, but before they can reach it they will need to survive the shifty suburbs.

What do a mainstream rock star, a high maintenance princess, the despondent, cool guy, the wholesome girl next door, and a Star Trek nerd have in common?

The Road Trip…Buckle up!

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Ready for The Road Trip? You better be!

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