Something different and original... finally! For the horror fan, sick in times, deranging and uncomfortable to watch... you were warned!

Have a look at the trailer below and you will understand what I mean.

*** The Perfect House is an anthology inspired by the most famous time periods in horror. The dark side of suburban anonymity and the many motives for murder are all explored through three terrifying vignettes all set inside one house. Each story takes place in a new time period with a new home and pays homage to a prolific sub genre of horror. The first vignette is a suspense-driven tale about a dysfunctional family of four, who seek shelter from a violent storm, in a cellar where secrets never stay buried. Over the course of one night resentment, anger and opportunity force each member of the family to face their inner demons. Only one will live to see sunrise... Next is a classic 1980s dark humor filled, slasher story about serial killer John Doesy's ruthless reign of terror. Doesy forces his prisoner, turned muse, to offer horrifying ultimatums to his cycle of victims before he executes them with soul crushing efficiency. The final vignette follows an unsuspecting selfish, affluent family of five who find themselves in the crosshairs of a mad man when they accept a hermit neighbors invitation for dinner. A few borrowed tools between neighbors are no laughing matter for this dinner guest.

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