By Adam J. Spinks

I have been lucky to receive an invitation to review "Survivors" by Adam J. Spinks.


In 2014, the dead will rise and the infection will spread in Initiative Motion Pictures and Organised Chaos TV and Films’ “Survivors”. From director Adam J Spinks (“The Expedition” “All In The Method”) and Producer Michael Beddoes (“The Third One This Week”, “Lolotte”) comes a remarkable, ambitious story about the depth of human courage in the face of an unstoppable enemy...

“Survivors” stars Joanne Gale (Red Dwarf X, Run Fatboy Run) Simon Burbage (Pulp: The Movie, Hollyoaks), Adrian Annis (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Art Of Darkness) alongside David Anderson and Lydia Kay (Christmas Slay).

Let's get in the mood with the trailer:

So here we are, Kate Meadows (Gale) is an independent reporter investigating a corporation conducting disturbing experiments on humans. She and her cameraman Duke (Burbage) get sent into an infernal spiral when zombies spread around. She meets Paul (Anderson) and the two must save themselves from the undead as well as the living since exceptional circumstances tend to lead to the animal in us to waking up.

Mix of traditional and found footage cinematography the film knows how to make the best of both worlds meet. Never bored and entertaining this is a journey into the struggle and fights of the characters.

Do you remember how "Night of the Living Dead" use to play on several aspects, not only the horror but each character's characteristic and pushing the debate way over the simple gore element?

Yes? Well you got it, Survivors is more than a simple horror film, it is one of those rare encounter where you not only enjoy but think... yes, think. A film I believe is not all about torture porn or nonsense, it is an art.

Well, Survivors, baring in mind that it is a low budget film looking like a big production, ticks all the boxes not only for entertainment, since all aspects are polished from the acting to the editing and more, but if you are the kind of person wishing to go further it will make you question things and that's a good thing nowadays.

I would recommended Survivors without hesitation, and if work with stars, that is a 8/10 from me.

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