By Timothy Plain

Sometimes you receive tons of emails and there is a couple of them standing out of the lot.

I have been contacted by the producer, Alrik Bursell, of a very nice short film that made my day: "Over My Dead Body". And it is a winner, acting is spot on, and the story just perfect...



Marie's night goes horribly wrong when a zombie shows up for her blind date. Now she must figure out a way to let him down easy, or else...

A new short film from writer Zergog Sebastian Tovar and director Timothy Plain. Produced by Alrik Bursell. Starring Karina Wolfe and Jeremy Mascia. Featuring music by Fire Tiger!

I wish to thank Alrik Bursell, and apologise for the time it took me to post about the short, great work!

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Damien Ahuir.

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