What about a mix between a withch and a vampire? Sounds interesting isn't it? Something you would like to know more about? Well, here we go:


A group of college exchange students travel to a small and remote town situated on an exotic island; only to discover they are being hunted down by a powerful witch-vampire "hybrid" that seeks something in their possession.

What do we know so far?

MAB Studios has announced a co-production deal with the British indie production company, Silent Studios Productions for the film.

The film, according to Marcus Bradford will be an independent film horror "Expendables" type of film and will feature some of the best "Veterans" in the indie horror film industry.

From the Press Release:

MAB Studios officially has announced a co-production deal with British indie production company, Silent Studios Productions for the film “Witchula.” “Witchula,” which producers are calling “The real Expendables of horror,” already boasts a team of producers with vast horror film experience, and attached actors that already include some of the biggest names in independent horror.

According to writer/director/executive producer Marcus Bradford, Silent Studios Productions brings, “Another set of great eyes and expertise in a highly popular, strong and historical genre we all love: Horror!” Co-writer/Co-director/producer Pat Kusnadi (“The Id,” “Down With David,” “Good Samaritan”) and producers Matt Chassin (“Krampus the Christmas Devil,’ “Seeking Valentina,” Krampus 2; The Devil Returns,) and John Blythe (“My Amityville Horror, “”One Day When the Rains Fell”), are attached to the project along with. Scream king Bill Oberst Jr (“Take This Lollipop,” “Criminal Minds” “Death House”) and Eileen Dietz, the iconic demon in the classic film, “The Exorcist.”

Bradford promises the coming months will see the announcements of several more iconic actors in the horror genre. “We are elated with the new partnership we have established with Silent Studios Productions ”said John Blythe, who also heads his own production company Film Regions International. “Unlike prior films that I have produced, this will be the biggest film in terms of budget and working directly in an international co-producing capacity that I have worked on.” “Under the guidelines of the co-production relationship we have with Silent Studios Productions, will give us better clout as independent film producers here in the United States.”

Silent Studios Productions is an award winning production company, who’s projects include, “Zombie Playground,” “Infected,” “Extinction,” and “Torture.” Director Jason Wright is best known for his UK Commercial for Capcom’s Resident Evil 6, also working as creative horror director on promotional work alongside some great companies like Microsoft on Dead Rising 3, Deep Silver on the Dead Island games, and WB Games on Shadow of Mordor. Wright says he and producer Kirsty Richardson are, “Looking to bring something special to the table.” “We were so excited when we read the script that we know this was something we wanted to help with and that it was for sure a new and original concept which is something we strive to do with our own work and projects.”

Writer/director/producer Pat Kusnadi says he is looking forward to “New challenges to our production such as locations, permits, and their local cast & crews since t he project partially will be shot in United Kingdom.”

Kusnadi believes that ‘Collaboration with Silent Studios Productions will help us to provide horror fans with the entertainment they have been clamoring for.” Bradford’s production team says, “We’re looking forward to working with Silent Studios Productions and to create something spectacular and spooky for all the horror fans out there for a taste of delightful terror!”

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