A short film by Adam Spinks

Today I am delighted to offer you a short film that you will remember... dive in, and enjoy !!!!


A young woman, Kira (Emily Trappen) wakes in an abandoned wasteland, severely injured, with absolutely no recollection of how she got there. She discovers a lighter, filthy and covered in mud besides a river bank and uses it to start a fire, which brings much needed relief from the bitter coldness. Her daily trips to retrieve firewood lead to her discovering more objects in the forests and lands around her, each more strange than the last. When one object triggers a terrifying panic attack, Kira begins to fear she is being followed. In the nights, her dreams become more vivid and morph into nightmarish soundscapes, until one night when several clear images finally present themselves.

She heads out into the wasteland when morning comes and there she finds it. An abandoned and wrecked car. What she finds inside will force her to confront the very reality of her surroundings and face a terrifying possibility as she finally remembers what happened before she woke up and who the girl in the car, covered in blood, is.

Like Glass is a sensitive, honest and artistic exploration of guilt, of grief and of forgiveness.


What was your inspiration for making the film?

I’d wanted for a long time to tell a story about this subject matter but had often gotten a fair way down the path before I realised it wasn’t right. When Theresa first spoke to me about it and we started passing ideas back and forth, I knew immediately that we had to make this film. When the opportunity to work with Emily and Abigail, presented itself, we put the wheels in motion to shoot it very quickly and we decided to shoot the film in a similar lo-fi way to how Gareth Edwards captured ‘Monsters’ (2010)

How did the film get funded and made?

Like Glass is a mixture of self-funded and some small donations from people who loved the idea of the project and wanted to support the film and to help us tell the story. We are very grateful to all who helped in any way they could. The film was made by a crew of only 7 people on each day and shot away from the usual trappings and machinations of filmmaking, which was very freeing creatively. We were also lucky enough to be able to work with some amazing creative artists during post-production including Grammy Award Winning musician Peter Trappen, who provided some additional guitar moments for our score.

Where did you shoot?

The film is shot entirely on location in Surrey, UK. Until we started exploring options, I must confess I had failed to appreciate just how beautiful Surrey is, with the rolling hills and open spaces that look like something from a postcard. We wanted that beauty, but we deliberately looked for spaces off the beaten track that were more weathered and aged.

Why did you decide to tell the story in this way?

I actually wrote a film about something similar back when I was at university and I remember being intensely frustrated with the end result. By telling the story in this fractured manner, we can give the audience the same experience as Kira herself, they’re never ahead of her in the storytelling which is very important. It almost unfolds as a kind of mystery which I love. Shooting it the way we did just gave us total freedom to improvise, to create and to work which has given the film a beautiful, organic and almost candid quality.


Genre : Drama

Runtime : 14 minutes 20 seconds

Resolution : HD (1080p)

Aspect Ratio : 2.35:1 Anamorphic

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