If any of you folllows Limited-scream.com you would have notice the trailer for the creatures movie coming from Russia called "SPORES". If not, don't worry, you can still enjoy it below.

Spores is a rare accomplishment. Low budget, small team and years in the making for a result that makes you think that when you have a dream anything is possible.

We arranged a Q&A with the man behind the movie: Maksim Dyachuk... enjoy! and don't forget to let him know what are your first impressions about SPORES.

A big thank you to Maksim.

youtubelink:www.youtube.com/embed/Qra48xp3ajE?rel=0 1/ Maksim, could you introduce yourself?

I am an independent filmmaker Maksim Dyachuk from Russia, Omsk.

2/ Could you tell us more about Spores, the movie?

"SPORES" - this is my debut film. I also made two short films "The Wind" and "Three Days of the war."

Since 2003, I shoot commercials, and in 2007 I started making films.

I worked on the film for four years.

I want to make a movie trilogy under the title Spores, of which this first one --- which I call Spores: Invasion --- is the first.

This film is made with a micro budget. This is a very low budget movie - because I made all myself.

The script, video camera work and visual effects are all my own work.

My team has two people: a composer and sound designer - Igor Faust and producer and designer - Dina Green. That's all.

In Russia, fantasy, sci-fi and horror movies are not popular. And this is my favorite genre.

But there are interesting stories, places, and actors here and it is ideal to take advantage of that.


A group of youthful friends go out of town on an outing and stumble upon an old Soviet factory.

The factory has been long abandoned and is derelict. It interests them and they decide to explore and to document what they find.

But their curiosity brings them face-to-face with unimaginable danger. It transpires that alien spores have come to Earth on a meteorite,

and that these spores quickly multiply and take on a monstrous form once they touch the ground.

Who among the group of threatened humans will fight? Who will survive? And what will the ultimate outcome of this terror be for the planet?

3/ How did you come up with the idea of Spores?

I wanted to do sci-fi/horror film. That was my dream. I'm a fan of such films as "Aliens", "Predators".

I love the creatures, monsters. I'm wondering what people would will do face to face with these monsters.

When people have no way out, when the Earth is no way out. It was a very interesting idea for the film "SPORES".

I made a film in 2007. The last three years I worked on the visual effects. Not so long ago there was a film from Gareth Edwards - "Monsters".

I was inspired by the fact that the film created by one person. Of course "SPORES" is a more entertaining movie.

4/ What are the biggest influences when filming?

The film is very interesting to do. It is interesting to work with actors,

it was interesting to visit the ruined old Soviet factories, where many still remained.

In some places there was a feeling that you're back in the 80s of the twentieth century

There's really very scary, especially at night)))

5/ The special effects are done with attention to details, how hard were they to create?

I worked three years on the visual effects.

Since I worked alone and I did not have the budget - I think that came out not too bad.

But I would not compare my film with any big Hollywood movies with big budgets)).

In the film, there is a lot of invisible effects - changing the background, adding a digital locations.

The hardest thing was to work on the animated monsters.

I do not have the opportunity and finances to create a motion capture, so everything was done manually.

6/ Is it different to create a "creatures"movie in Russia ?

In Russia there is no "creatures" movies.

I was interested in making a film in Russia, where such films have never done before.

There are many places for such films, interesting locations and scenes.

7/ Could you tell us more about Orbitfilms?

Orbit Films - this is my production studio. I started it when i became engaged in commercials in 2003.

As I said before, our team consists of three people: Me, composer Igor Faust and producer and designer Dina Green.

Together we have made ??short films "The Wind" and "Three Days of the war."

These movies can be viewed on our website http://www.orbitfilms.com/

8/ When will the movie be released and where?

I plan to release the film 11/11/2011. I also started joint working with genre experts, Raven Banner Entertainment.

9/ Any projects in mind once done with Spores?

I have many plans for future projects. This is a films in the genre: science fiction, horror, fantasy.

Now I'm looking for interesting scenarios, as well as I did write two scripts.

I want to find investors to get my movies out on much more qualitative level.

In the near future I hope will make the next project.

10/ If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

equilibrium :)

11/ Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Director who makes movies that he likes, with a large production budget))

12/ How can people stay in touch with Spores and your work?

I am always ready to dialogue with each person





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