Hi Everyone, today I want to present you a great artist, his art is evolving everyday and he never stops impressing me. D-Ave is one of a kind. I will let you discover him through ihs work and the interview below... enjoy!

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1/ D Ave, could you please tell us more about yourself?

A: No prob, bob, Im currently 21 , From Upstate, NY, I've been writing music since I was a freshman in highschool. I also produce beats as well Over the years , I've met and others with similiar interest in music , some became great friends , and some I no longer am in contact with. As a young man, I was not able to 'keep up with the jones' , so I created my own movement , named 'OutCrowd' , a self representation in which it promotes freedom and self worth, so why follow trends of the ' in crowd ' , when you can set trends. Music being my career is the most important thing to me, aside from my family. I Love it!

2/ Where does that love for music and hip hop in particular comes from?

I've always been fascinated with sounds, and art , so I see music as a meeting ground from both aspects. I think its dope that someone can not only tell a story to an instrumental, but have the ability to hold your attention through rhyme. At the start of my career, I was more concerned about making music I thought others would like, or 'mainstream radio' music, which I was able to do, but it wasnt 100% comfortable standing behind music I didnt believe in. Over the years I studied hip hop , the essense, beats, concepts , relativity , and I realized where I wanted to fall for my music to not only stand out, because I'm drawing from my own unique experiences, but also I have 100% creative control .

3/ I am following your work since well more than a year now and see a real evolution in your style, it becomes more mature. What are your biggest influence at present?

Thank you very much, I appreciate every avid listener who is taking this journey with me. It really came down to me being comfortable with my material and owning up to the lyrics and thoughts I chose to paint. As far as wordplay, relativity, and genuine lyrical skill, I bump a lot of curren$y , Dom Kennedy , Raz Fresco , Sir Michael Rocks , YZ , Dru , OCM...

4/ Could you present "OutCrowd by D-Ave" ?

Present as in perform? Ofcourse! (Heres the mixtape link for it)

5/ what does it represent for you?

Inertia . Growth . Self worth . Success .

6/ Your lyrics are raw and straight to the point. Where do you find your inspiration?

Thanks bro , I stand behind my lyrics 100% . Artist that I find myself around such as Dru , or YZ , will show me new material they cooked up and that will perpetuate me to get in the lab, find a sample , and create! I believe if I surround myself with positivity, I can only go up.

7/ You are collaborating with different artists on your recordings, how important is it for you to exchange feeling and ideas with other artists?

For me, I like to know the person before the artist, I'm select with who I choose to collaborate with, so I tend to surf around , find new music from an artist, if I can vibe, and they can vibe with my sounds, Lets work!

8/ A question I was dying to ask for a long time: where does the name D Ave come from?

Hahaha, yo if I had a dollar for every person that asked me where I got it from, I'd be rich. my original name is David, growing up my friends called me Dave, and I thought it would be dope, to give myself a cool 90s spin on my real name, so I spaced it out, and its D Ave , the 'Ave' sounds like 'Avenue' , so basically, I'm giving the people , D to the Ave . Me to the streets. Get it?

9/ If you had to describe yourself in 1 word, what would it be?


10/ Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

On a world wide tour with OCM .

11/ And finally, if you had a dream duet with an artist, past or present, who would it be?

It would be beyond dope to produce, write , and perform a song with Curren$y , aka Spitta !

I want to say a big thank you to D-Ave for its time.

I hope that you all enjoyed the interview,beside the link above youcan check D-Ave work here:

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