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1 / Hello Bruno, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello Damien,

Self-taught painter, I was born in Marseille 52 years ago. I grew up in the Estaque district.

Passionate about painting at a very young age, I left this activity for twenty years when I returned to work after my studies.

At the dawn of my forties in 2008, I returned to my passion, the desire was there, I discovered the technique of oil painting with a knife and since then I live this experience like a dream.

2 / Where does this passion for painting come from?

It goes back to childhood.

Very young I became interested in drawing, comics, painting and cinema. As a teenager, I could see myself as a film director, I drew storyboards, made comics with heroes with superpowers ... I drew all the time.

I did some paintings but the click for painting with a knife, as I told you earlier, I had it in my forties.

It's like I had to make up for lost time.

3 / Your style is a style of your own, recognizable at first glance. How would you describe it in your own terms?

I don't know if we can speak of own style. I think that there is nothing to invent in matters of painting and I do not have this pretension.

What I can say is that there may be a signature, a special touch. I experiment with things, I play with random shapes, mixing colors. I'm looking for effects using only my knife.

Sometimes I have nice surprises.

My painting is colorful, dynamic and instinctive.

4 / You make an impressive number of exhibitions and meetings. Close to people who admire your art, you easily engage with your "fans". Why is this important to you?

I found a lot of kindness on this "artistic path". It is normal that I adopt the same attitude towards people who follow me. I am surprised each time by the reactions to my publications.

It is the least of things to respond to people who encourage you, compliment you, sometimes confide about very personal things.

I try to do it as best I can even if sometimes I run out of time.

5 / Do you think that the digital age and social networks have changed the situation for contemporary artists?

Yes it is indisputable. Social networks have made a difference.

It is certain that if I take my example the development of my page and my website have allowed me to reach many people and have greatly contributed to the spread of my painting. But there is nothing like meeting and sharing moments with the people I meet during exhibitions.

It is often, as far as I am concerned, people who knew me through the page.

Digital and social networks are a complement and a great tool for spreading and sharing.

6 / Your paintings are physical, what do you think of digital painting? An art in its own right or shading artists using palettes, brushes and paint?

I think there is room for everyone.

I must admit that I do not know this discipline well. I'm sure there are some very nice things

I'm not in the habit of saying what is right or wrong, for me it's just different.

7 / Who is your favorite artist and why?

The biggest for me is Turner.

A complex character, a visionary artist, a researcher. It's almost "the fire of paint" in his paintings.

It's a painting that touches me. In some of his paintings there are the beginnings of impressionism.

8 / What motivates you the most in your career?

You can't really talk about a career but rather a passion.

You don't need motivation for a passion.

What motivates me is the pleasure of painting.

What I am looking for is beauty in the ethological sense of the term, not in the aesthetic sense, that is to say that which touches the soul which gives emotion.

9 / Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I'm not making plans.

I proceed slowly and each time I take a new step, I am telling myself that what I achieved so far is not that bad.

In 10 years I hope to still have the same passion.

10 / What advice would you give to a young artist who wishes to embark on this adventure?

Paint paint paint !!!!

Treat yourself! Make your own idea of ​​what to do, even if you do not know the codes of this environment (which was my case) get started, be sincere in your approach and count on your lucky star.

And finally, as Sir Richard Burton said, "expect applause only from yourself".

11 / And finally ... a word for our readers?

"Thank you" and thank you Damien for this interview.

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