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Why? Well, let me share my story...

I started with wordpress.com but very soon I found it limited. Like every new blogger I thought that a domain name and a fancy theme was everything. That could be true if you want to create a website but not for blogging. So I decided to get a self-hosted Wordpress site. What a disaster, I soon found myself in trouble with every update, fixing things on the back end more than blogging.

I started to blog less and less, leaving some of my blog drifting into nothingness.

Then I decided to stop thinking about all this and concentrate on blogging... Ghost, Silverback, Squarespace... trying them one by one but never feeling at home, sometimes as soon as from the complicating signing process (I want things easy to do and understand).

That's where Sunsed came up, a few search on twitter and I decided to give it a go.

Wow! signing was done from my smartphone, unlike some other platform which left me with the following message: "Please log in from a computer to resume the sign in process". Really? in 2015?

Anyway, Sunsed gives a 100% mobile experience as well as on desktop, up to 10 independent blogs, a customer service available all the time! I received answers in under 10 mn and even new features added on request in under an hour... amazing!

So pay them a visit, and check the features on Sunsed.com

Back To the competition:

Click on the link HERE  and send us a message with the mention "Sunsed competition". On the 15th of November we will choose a winner at random... That easy!

Thanks for visiting and participating, and thank you to Sunsed!

Damien Ahuir.

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