Debut short film from writer/director David Chaudoir.

BAD ACID is the debut short film from writer/director David Chaudoir. The story of a washed up cabaret hypnotist. It blends hypnotic suggestion, hallucination and demonic apparition in a wry, tragically comedic, dark fantasy, exploring the fleeting nature of fame. Marvin gets what he wished for, but not in the way that he wanted.

Bad Acid, references the magical number three; three failed performances, three wishes and finally three deaths and is Acid is the writer/director’s love letter to the films of Amicus and Hammer from the 1970s.

Enjoy the trailer:

David Chaudoir, writer/director, has worked for 25 years in UK Broadcast Television and associated crafts. He has directed award winning promotions for The Walking Dead and The Wire and music videos for bands such as Athlete and Starsailor.

Sukey Richardson, the producer, has produced / production-managed a range of features, documentaries, commercials and short films including Toby Stephen’s In Vitro (2015)

My thoughts:

I went from laughing to wondering, all that with a bit of mystery, not sure where the film would lead me... and that's what makes it so good, actors are just brilliant, the special FX top notch... a winner for a debut. One to watch and a Director to follow.

BAD ACID stars Tristan Beint as deluded narcissist MarvinMaskelyn, Madeleine Bowyer as his long suffering manager, Tiffany Haynes as the ill fated Bella. Detective Chetwyn is played by William Kempsell.

You can check more about it here:

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