By Maxim Dyachuk

Fo those who don't know Maxim Dyachuk, he is a russian Director who made the astonishing film Spores (trailer) and gave limited-release a fine interview, back in 2011 that you can read HERE.

He is now working on diverse films including "Altay dead end".

here is a still from the film:

All I could put my hands on so far was a "making of" (beware it's in Russian language) but as "Spores" was released in English I have faith that it will be the case for "Altay dead end".

I know this is not much at the moment but you have to admit that coming from Maxim Dyachuk this sounds promising. I wanted to share my excitement, so don't hesitate to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I will reach to the director and try to find out more, so for the moment stay tuned.... thank you.


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