By Reg Length.

Today I would like to introduce Reg Length, a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He tutors people with special and complex needs using music as a source of communication. He has showcased for a series of recognisable independent record labels, and is now working in TV and Film having composed for 3 award winning films. He has 2 albums out Life Without Skin & Electric Cinema which are available on iTunes and Amazon.

Picture taken by Gareth Slater All rights reserved.

Awake Amongst Sleepers Reg's 3rd album will be released 28th September. It will be available on iTunes, Spotify & CD Baby. I will ad the links as soon as they become live on the day.

I am unable to share any excerpt at the moment but can assure you that the album is worth checking.

There are artists knowing music theory but who don’t have the soul. Some have what it takes but lack the knowledge, in the case of Reg Length it’s all there, delivering an entertaining and atmospheric album with professionalism and know how.

Please check him out and say hello:



Official website




Please note: Blog post will be updated accordingly as soon as the album becomes available. Thank you.

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